Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sometimes you have to just laugh

Sometimes you get great journal entries on books you release in the wild.  We've seen those from people who were having the proverbial "worst day ever" and happened upon the perfect Bookcrossing book in the unlikeliest of places.  Good stuff!  Then there are the not so nice ones that will tell us not to leave books at a certain business, or that it is stupid to do what we do, or that *gasp* the book has been destroyed!  Once in a while you get those super bizarre ones that just have you rolling on the floor, literally!

This book, Lady Of The Knight, was one of those.  It was a Harlequin Historical romance I had released in, I believe, a Target parking lot (I sure wish BC tech could finish retrieving all the missing release entries on older books).  The response of the person who caught the book was bizarre yet hillarious!

It made happiness bleed out my anus.
My nipples are still tingling. I am going to take this book to Argentina to spread the love.

Hmm... yeah, to each his or her own, I guess, huh?

Viva la Bookcrossing!

Total Books Released: 3126
Total Releases Journaled: 198
Catch rate:  6.33%