Saturday, November 24, 2012

20 books to go!

This holiday weekend, I did some things I had not done in a very long time.  First off, I found a nice used book store here.  I found an entire room full of highly discounted books, and bought a small load of them for just a couple bucks!  I have pretty much stopped buying paper books since getting my Kindle last year.  These books were purchased with the sole purpose of releasing though.  When I got home, I printed up some labels (and really enjoyed going through my old folder of Bookcrossing labels, some created by friends, some by me), registered all the new books, and started a stack on a shelf that I can grab a book or two from to release each time I leave the house!  Boy, it felt good, felt like I was getting back into the swing of my old BC craze!

Today, I released five books.  By my old standards, that is like a normal day out, but considering my releases over the past year or so have been very few and far between, it felt awesome doing five in a day.  I hope the people who came across these five books today were thrilled to come across a book and bring it home to read!  If they're like myself and most of my friends, those books will be placed on a shelf with many others, and eventually, a year or more down the line, will be picked back up and read!

I released:
The Waste Lands
Nebula Award Stories 17
The Ruins

Last year was my slowest full year of releasing since joining BC.  I released 108 books last year, and am not even at that point for 2012.  So my goal for the remainder of the year is to pass that 108 mark.  That means I will need to release 19 books by Dec 31... no sweat!

Viva la Bookcrossing!

Total Books Released: 3124
Total Releases Journaled: 198
Catch rate:  6.33%

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