Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A recent catch

So one thing I will be doing a lot of on this blog will be talking about releases and catches.

For those of you not in the know, a release is a book registered at and labeled with it's own BCID (or Bookcrossing identification) number.  We Bookcrossers will often take said book and "release" it out in the world, or as we say, "in the wild".  We'll leave them on park benches, on periodical racks in entryways to restaurants, newspaper machines, bus stops, in waiting rooms, you name it!  Then, we make release notes on the website to show that the book is released, where, etc.  Eventually, the hope is that someone whose life crosses paths with the book, will take the time to go online and enter that BCID and leave a few comments about the book and where it is.  I believe the site has an average "catch" rate for wild releases of about 10 percent.  I personally sit at just under 6.5 percent.

So last Saturday, I released a copy of Blood Moon at a local library.  Left it on the pamphlet rack in the foyer so as not to have confusion with the library's books (plus, I always clearly label the outside of my books so it is obvious they are freebies).  A few days later I got a catch!  This one copied the text of my release note, and added that it was a good book... so looks like this person joined (not a requirement) the site, then read the book and left it in the same place I had. 

As any Bookcrosser can tell you, the thrill of getting that email saying your book has a journal entry (aka was caught) is immeasurable! 

Viva la Bookcrossing!

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