Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pridefest Book Checks In

Five years ago, I led a project with the Albuquerque Bookcrossers where we ran a Bookcrossing table at Albuquerque Pridefest. We saved up books, and had some donated from Bookcrossers around the world for this event, many of which were LGBT themed.  It was a smashing success!  We gave away 173 books that day.  It was so much fun talking to book lovers all day, as well as watching the reactions of those who simply couldn't grasp the concept of us giving books away for free!

Today I had a little bit of BC serendipity (something that honestly happens to us BCers so much that, while always cool, it is not all so shocking).  I started reading a David Sedaris book that was a leftover from that very same Pridefest.  As I started reading it, I was reminiscing about all of the books we gave away, and the amazingly fun time we had that day.  Tonight, after dinner, I got an email alerting me of a journal entry on a book.  The book, A Cook's Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines, was one that was given away that day!  Great to have a book check in, as always.  Great also to have one related to this project that I had just been thinking about this morning.  Also great that it was one given to me by my dear friend Firegirl! 

Viva la Bookcrossing!
2013 Releases To Date: 82

Total Books Released: 3233
Total Releases Journaled: 206
Catch rate:  6.37%

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